Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's going on?...

...It's a fire drill! That's right, today's the day I walked down 21 flights of stairs. Here's my picture post with photos taken using my mobile phone.

Can you see some of the people in bright green vests? They were either the floor marshals or fire drill officers. I am one of the floor marshals for my office (and that means I get to wear that hideous fashionable green thingy).

The sun's shining brightly and boy, it's a hot 10.40 AM

Business as usual. A fire drill did not stop any important activity.

When the fire drill officers announced that the drill was over, we marched our way back to the office...

Together with two other colleagues, we climbed the stairs for thirteen floors before taking the lift back to ours.

P/S: Being a floor marshal is fun (seriously). Besides getting to wear the green vest, you also get to attend briefings and then brief the people on your floor. I did my session and must say that I quite enjoyed it. Coincidentally, I always get to be the floor coordinator or "floor safety manager" in my previous workplaces...

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