Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day @ Cameron Highlands, Pahang (Part 2: A Kitty Tale)

See also Part 1

Here's the kitty post as promised! I spotted him (I think it's a boy-cat) outside the restaurant where we were having our lunch on the day of arrival at Cameron Highlands. I hope you'll enjoy the photos!

He strolled and stopped, and was looking toward the direction of the busy road
And then he saw me and gave me "that" lookSeconds later, he headed for the flower pot. Before he sat facing my direction, he just stood facing the road observing the traffic. Then he started grooming himself. . .. . .and settled down to sleeeeepCats sleep anywhere! I decided to pay little kitty a visit and gave him a little happy dream
In the next post, I shall take you on a journey up the hill to the picturesque Sungei Palas BOH Tea Plantation. The view was awesome!

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