Saturday, May 30, 2009

A scrumpdiddlyumptious Thai fiesta

Let me present you with Chef Anonymous (Mr Anon for short)! He did the sweetest thing by cooking a complete Thai-themed meal from breakfast to dinner. I would also like to thank Mr and Mrs Anon for the accommodation and hospitality at their apartment!

We started the day with sticky rice and mangoes for breakfast. I love the setting!
For lunch, we had pork springrolls (top) and deep fried chicken wings (bottom). I can't believe I just had pork! I don't eat pork but oh well, I guessed I just did...
For intermezzo, we had pumpkin foam with coconut cream
After that, there's the booze! I had three shots of tequila, two mojitos (not in picture) and one Baileys. Mr Anon has a whole collection of alcohol in his crib!
And lastly, the best was saved for the last: Pad Thai!
This is Red Ruby and it's the first time I had it. Chef Anon used fresh water chestnuts and tapioca flour to create this dessert. "Marry" it with jackfruits, douse with sugar and coconut milk, and it's lovely!

We went to VivoCity after dinner. I really enjoyed browsing at the huge Page One bookstore. I like its tagline: "Every book begins with Page One." Please also visit Mr Anon's update here.

Note: Alice needs to go on a diet when she returns to Malaysia.