Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day @ Cameron Highlands, Pahang (Part 1 of many more to come)

The best way (in my humble opinion) to kickstart this Mother's Day vacation post up in the Cameron Highlands is through food pictures! So here you go, our lunch at the Restoran Hong Kong at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

Vegetable dishes: Bitter gourd and spinach in oyster sauce
Claypot beancurd dish
Fish fillet Thai style
Lemon chicken

The food wasn't that great except for the fish fillet Thai style. It was the best of the whole lot. Even the Chinese tea ordered by my mom and sisters smelled dogdy, but the lady boss was nice enough to change it to hot water for Rose and Catherine. Mom wanted to keep her tea, though. My Nescafe coffee, on the other hand, was definitely the three-in-one sachet type. I've been drinking coffee long enough to know whether it's the bancuh type or the three-in-ones. In a nutshell, the food and drinks were passable.

I also spotted a cute stray kitty and managed to take a series of snapshots of the little fellow. More of kitty in the next post! Meanwhile, here's a photo of the kitty for your viewing pleasure.

I think it's really cute to stand on the flower pot like that