Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Mini Bites Day" at Yoke Heng Restaurant, Seri Kembangan

Today is Mini Bites Day! Thanks to Cmate for the invitation and it's really wonderful to meet FloFlo (finally!) and new friends, Simeon and KiF. I had lots of fun getting to know them better and we got along famously. I must also thank Simeon for picking me up and sending me home. We went to Yoke Heng restaurant in Seri Kembangan for lunch. And here's the Mini Report!

The yummy pork dish which I didn't eat because I'm "halal"...
A special claypot "lou shi fan" dish
And this is how it looks like inside
Here's the lala dish, which surprisingly I couldn't stop feasting on *nom nom nom*
Fried rice
String Beans

You've just seen all the dishes that we had, so now let's take a look at all the people! Let me introduce you to. . .

Cmate of Mini Bites
FloFlo of Where Thoughts Take Wings
KiF (I need his blog address...)
Simeon (who's busy eating HAHA!)Isn't it beautiful? Thank YOU, Cmate!
After the lunch, we decided to go for dessert and so we went to Sweet Bean to continue our chit-chat
FloFlo with Cmate
Mini "yaw cha kuai"
My cola lemon (left) with Cmate's sour plum soup

More photos in Facebook!

That's it! It was a fun day out! Thank you, Cmate, for the invitation. It's great meeting FloFlo, Simeon and KiF.