Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goodies from author Wendy Corsi Staub!

Look what I've got in the mail at the office today--Two books by Wendy Corsi Staub: Dying Breath and Dead Before Dark! So first thing first, a very BIG thank-you to John Valeri (a friend on Facebook) for taking the trouble to send me the books, and also to Wendy for her generosity in giving them to me! I've heard so many good things about the books so I really can't wait to get started on them. I love the bookmarks too.

Do visit John at his Books Examiner blog, and read on about the author and her two books!


Wendy's Note: "For Alice - Come see me at http://www.wendycorsistaubcommunity.com/! Enjoy! Wendy"

Synopsis: It's summer on the Jersey Shore. Children play on the beach. Husbands are off working in the city. And the surf echoes in the night. Here, in this perfect place, a serial killer has no worries in the world--except choosing the next victim...Cam Hastings has come to Long Beach Island with her teenage daughter and the hope that maybe she can save her failed marriage. Cam has never stopped loving her husband Mike nor has she been able to outrun her flaws and demons--a vanished mother, a lost sister, and the ugly visions she has of missing children...Now, Cam is about to step over the edge. For once, she will act on one of her visions--and then face the consequences. For a killer has just struck again. And for Cam, and the people she loves most, fear has come home for good...

Wendy's Note: "For Alice - Read me after DYING BREATH! Enjoy! Wendy"

Synopsis: The Night Watchman is ready to kill--again. After thirty-five years in prison, he is free to commit the same twisted atrocities that once made him as notorious as the Zodiac Killer and Jack the Ripper. Now, at last, his moment has come...For renowned psychic Lucinda Sloan, fame is a double-edged sword. Through her television appearances, she helps police capture America's most elusive serial killers. Unfortunately, she also catches the eye of the Night Watchman. Once this madman learns that Lucinda "sees" murders after they're committed, it's time to play...The first victim is someone she knows--a personal shock that brings Lucinda closer to her ex-lover, Detective Randall Barakat. Then a second murder in Chicago, and a third in Denver, makes her realize that the Night Watchman is toying with her. Each victim wears a wristwatch...each watch bears a message...and each message is a warning for Lucinda that her time is up--and soon she'll be next to die...

"Staub keeps things taut and unpredictable... a surprisingly effective thriller." - Publishers Weekly

About the author: The critically acclaimed award-winning author of over seventy books, Wendy Corsi Staub is a New York Times bestseller with the suspense novels she writes under her own name, and a USA Today bestseller with women's fiction she writes under her pseudonym Wendy Markham. (Source: http://www.wendycorsistaub.com/)