Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day @ Cameron Highlands, Pahang (Part 3: BOH Tea Centre Sungei Palas)

See also Part 1, 2

Catherine was fab for driving us up the steep road to the BOH Tea Centre at Sungei Palas. All the way up we honked to warn cars coming from the opposite direction. The road can only accommodate one car at any time so driving up there was really, really tricky. The funny part was that each time Cat honked, the birds chirped in reply. It was too cute! We had a good laugh in the car.

The friendly front-office staff at the Equatorial Hotel informed us that the Sungei Palas tea plantation is a must-visit place and that it closes at 4.30 pm. At the time of check-in it was already 3.00 pm, so we quickly settled in to our apartment unit. When that's done, we hopped once again into our car and go further up the hills...

BOH Tea Centre, here we come!
Coming closer to the plantation, there's a security check manned by the police
It's a nice place to chill. . .
I love all the greenery and cotton candy clouds
Beautiful people
 My lovely family outside the tea shop
 Oh yes, before leaving we had tea
It's a long queue
We had scones and a rich chocolate cake, and tea!

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