Monday, April 20, 2009

Mini Holiday and Food Adventure @ Melaka

DAY ONE (Saturday, April 18): PS, Chris, Eunis, and I went to Melaka for a short holiday. We arrived at about 7 pm and went to Chris's house to "settle down" as we'd be spending the night there. We were to meet with Irene and Lim at our dinner place. Here's a mini report of the evening's outing. . .

We arrived in Melaka just in time for dinner and went to J&J Corner at the Portuguese Settlement to enjoy seafood

We ordered theseAfter that we went for MORE seafood at some backlane of shopsThere were newspaper cuttings featuring the place Here's our group shot!
We took a walk at Riverside Melaka after our meals
The colourful reflection of lights on the water was beautiful!
The surrounding buildings were also tastefully illuminated
Welcome to Jonker Walk!
We went for jalan-jalan at Jonker Walk; the place was packed with people!
I saw this interesting fruit candy stick but didn't buy any
We finally chilled at Geographer's Cafe. Apparently, it was the location where Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren (he's too cute!) acted in the movie Summer Holiday in the year 2000.
This was Irene's drink. Eunis and PS had Shandy while Chris and I had Killarney. My second drink was whiskey on its own, which I enjoyed very much. I just love the feel of the liquid fire in my throat; I would sip it a little and swish it in my mouth. Nice...
That's all for Day One!
DAY TWO (Sunday, April 19): Chris dropped PS, Eunis, and I off at Jonker Street early in the morning. The weather was hot and the heat was enough to make us "melt"!
We're at Jonker Street Chicken rice balls! *nom nom nom nom*
After our breakfast, we continued with part two of our Jonker Walk adventure
I spotted used books on sale too!
Colourful graffti art
I bought a NO PHOTOS PLEASE t-shirt from The Orangutan House. There are three shops (or studio-galleries) and the one we visited was at 96 Heeren Street. It is opened from 10 am to 6 pm and closed on Tuesdays. Charles Cham is the artist behind The Orangutan House, which is also listed in travel guides like the Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Le Routard, etc.
Dessert time at Jonker Dessert 88 (popularly known as I ordered the durian cendol. I still prefer the original version, though.

This was what I had for lunch. The fish balls at this shop's very nice!

There are more photos in my Facebook album so be sure to visit! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Chris and his family for the hospitality at their home!