Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm back!

I have been going through some emotional roller-coaster at work and discovering the truth about something (also work-related) hurts even more. If you want to know the real reason behind my disappearance from blogging, well, you've just read it. However, I decided not to spend anymore precious time and energy on it. It's not the end of the world. I choose to count my blessings; I choose to dwell on the happy bits. There will always be the baddies in any good story, but the good folks make the 'fight' worthwhile.

Below are screenshots of some of the many work-related posts I did. I hope you will enjoy the journey together with me. I realise I'm having too much fun to let something negative tarnish those wonderful experiences. So in making a comeback to blogging, I am doing a post on the milestones I had at Kurnia. This post is dedicated to all the good people there.

This post was done to celebrate my transfer to the Chairman's Office but before long, I was transferred to Corporate Planning. Not bad considering all the bright and smart people are there. I'm having so much fun with the CP team and we're never short of laughter! Posted on 1 February 2009.[Read More]

And this was posted on 21 March 2009[Read More]

Posted on 28 February 2009. When the company asked me to help with their advertorial, I did so happily. Seeing the end result pleased me even more. Photography is something that I love doing and I'm glad to be useful in that way. [Read More]

Posted on 21 January 2009. More extra work? No problem. Going around meeting the media with another corporate communications colleague was a good experience. Work can always turn out to be fun!
[Read More]

Posted on 12 May 2008 and 16 April 2008 respectively. Co-organizing such events was a memorable experience. Again, it was fun amidst the hard work!
[Read More Here and Here]

Posted on 19 January 2009 and 19 December 2008 respectively. It's not just work, work, work! Having colleagues that rock makes all the difference. They're not just colleagues, they're also friends. [Read More Here and Here]

Posted on 26 September 2008
[Read More]

Posted on 14 August 2008 and 6 February 2009 respectively. Incidents such as the following were not wished for, but when they happened they have some strange power that 'unite' the people working in the same building. We looked out for each other, and I remembered my colleagues calling me to check if things were OK and where to find them at the gathering area.
[Read More Here and Here]

So you see, it's hard to focus on negativity when surrounded by so many good things. All I have to do is to 'see' them, which makes me glad I blogged about them in the past. I must confess I did rant about what happened recently, but my family took the brunt of it. I thank God for the wonderful support system I'm blessed with. Most of all, I'm glad to have God on my side.

So yes, dear friends, I'm back and you don't have to wait until May! *GRIN*