Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dog Post

These photos were taken during Chinese New Year, and they're dedicated to the following furry, four-legged goggies!

When I first saw this guy, he's still a young chap. Today, he has grown! He's very friendly and playful. I'm not sure if he remembered me, but he sure was welcoming!
Isn't he handsome?
"Bless me heart. . . is that you, Alice?. . ."
Here's another hyperactive goggie (she hadn't realize I was there--yet. . .)
But when she did, she totally perked up! She also made an appearance on one of my "Wordless Wednesday" posts.
This lady over here was looking at me warily when I "zoomed" past her. . .
. . .but then she settled down but I think she's still skeptical (oh, look at the big, fat chicken in the background!)
Last but not least, here's another handsome fellow who takes care of the backyard. His tail was wagging vigorously all the time.
He's quite a poser too
What a macho dude! He shall now "guard" my blog a.k.a virtual home.

That's all! What do you think of the fur-boys and fur-gals? I really enjoyed playing with them while taking their photos. They seemed to enjoy the attention too.