Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinner @ Dragon-i, The Curve (and Drinks @ Starbucks)

Jasmine, Kah Yaen, Denise, and I met up for dinner at The Curve. I left the office with Jasmine but on the way to our destination, we stopped by the Big Bookshop at Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya. I've discovered a new place to shop for books! And guess what. . . I broke my book ban. I bought the following books all for only MYR34 (~US$9)!

1) A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
2) Changelings by Anne McCaffrey and
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
3) The Pursuit of Happiness by Douglas Kennedy
After our bargain shopping spree at Atria, we went to The Curve and decided to have dinner at Dragon-i. We ordered the following stuff including siu long pao and Chinese pancakes, which were not included in the pics below.
My delicious udon la mian (noodles) Jasmine's fried rice with a siu long pao she placed on top
The yummy RM1 (yes!) whole roasted chicken (yes!) that the four of us shared

Now. . . let's move on to Part Two of the evening: Drinks at Starbucks. After filling our tummies, we continued our chit-chat at Starbucks and I restarted my photo op. Here we go!

Kah Yaen looking good with her eyes closed and Jasmine with her Japanese-doll look
Jasmine with Denise
 The three pretty ladies

 I had wanted to get some shots of Kah Yaen but she's one hyperactive baby. She moved non-stop so I had a whole bunch of her blurry photos (see sample below) So in the end, Jasmine had to "manhandle" her. Hahahaa!


I'll be off to Melaka tomorrow for a mini holiday with my colleagues and will be posting updates on Twitter, so please follow me. Have a wonderful weekend!