Friday, March 27, 2009

Of Avatar and Blog Awards

First thing first, a BIG thank-you to Rachel Y. of Heart of Rachel for creating this avatar for me! It was a pleasant surprise when I received her email with the cute picture. Don't you think the avatar looks just like me? And look at the rows of books at the back... I'm holding a blue (my favourite colour!) book. Once again, thank you so much, Rachel, for your sweet thoughts!


Sisterhood Award. I received this award from a dear blogger friend and joint-reading buddy, Melody (of Melody's Reading Corner). She is one of my earliest blogger friends, and I'm honored that she's considered me her 'sister' by passing on the award to me. Thank you, Melody! You're such an encouragement to the blogging community!

Melody, I now pass this back to you and all these wonderful people:

  1. Julia of "Julia's Books Corner"
  2. Wendy of "Musings of a Bookish Kitty"
  3. Vivienne (aka Scrap Girl) of "Serendipity"
  4. Ana (aka Nymeth) of "things mean a lot"
  5. Naida of "the bookworm"
  6. Jen of "Up Close & Personal with LadyTink"
  7. Barbara H. of "Stray Thoughts"
  8. Cmate of "Mini Bites"
  9. Flo of "Where Thoughts Take Wing"
  10. Rachel of "Heart of Rachel"


I Love Your Blog. I have once again received this lovely award (love the graphics!) and this time from Vivienne (aka Scrap Girl) of Serendipity. Viv's scrap book rocks! I have always enjoyed viewing her scrap book projects on her blog. Thank you so very much, Viv, for thinking of me! I love your blog, too, really and truly.

The first time I received it (in September last year), I passed it on to most of the wonderful people mentioned above in the "Sisterhood Award". This time, I would like to give it to my new blogger friends whose blogs I've grown 'addicted' to. They are:

  1. Garando of "balut & natto"
  2. Azah of "Azah Literary Thoughts"
  3. Violet of "Violet Crush"
  4. Natasha of "Ulat Buku in the City"
  5. and back at you, Viv!