Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Presentation Material

I would like to share with you the presentation material I used for my session at the Marcus Evans Executive PA Conference 2009 on March 3. In preparation of the slides, I incorporated the following:
  • My personal experience as an administrative professional (I use this term because it applies to all from clerical to PAs)
  • Various sources of reading materials: Journals, books, magazines, blogs
  • The insight from my former boss, John Meinhold, who is the Partner and Practice Leader of Financial Institutions Group Asia Pacific, A.T. Kearney. I sought his input for a survey of the most important skills a PA should have (acronymed ACTION) found in the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), and the barriers a PA faced in his/her career and the mitigation factors -- see slide 16 and 29. I felt that it is important for delegates to also see things from the perspective of employers. I thank John for his valuable input. Please view the presentation below for more details.

In my session, I chose to deal more with the "attitude" angle for without a good attitude, making real progress would be a challenge. Overcoming and dealing with challenges require strong mentality. Then, the rest such as technical skills and know-how will fall in place and further enhance our career. Both attitude and knowledge work hand in hand.

In the presentation is also a long list of core competencies and skills that a PA should have. I did not go through in detail for that part but had included it for reference. No one can master all of those competencies and skills, but at least one should be aware of them and improve on areas identified as needing extra attention.

I hope you will enjoy the presentation as much as I have enjoyed preparing and presenting it. I will be using a slightly different and improved version of this presentation for my second speaking session in Singapore.

NOTE: Marcus Evans do not give handouts but instead all materials are given in a CD format. I think this is a good and effective way to conduct a conference. Delegates would then be able to concentrate on the presentation in front of them and jot down notes when necessary. This arrangement suits me just fine!

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