Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'M BACK from the Marcus Evans Executive PA Conference 2009!

Here's an excerpt of my Twitter updates in the last two days.


had a great time speaking at the PA conference today and making new friends. Also met with ex-colleagues/alumni later in the evening. about an hour ago

speaks at the Marcus Evans Executive PA Conference today! about 15 hours ago

is at Isetan KLCC. She has enjoyed Day 1 of the conference! :) 1 day ago

is at HOCA Coffee KLCC - will be attending/speaking at a two-day conference at Prince Hotel 1 day ago

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I was away for a two-day conference at Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The conference was organised by Marcus Evans for executive personal assistants and other administrative professionals. I had fun attending it as a speaker and it was a great experience! I will be writing more about this event and post some pictures, so stay tuned.

I was here. . .

I also attended my former company's alumni gathering tonight. It was wonderful to re-connect with my former colleagues, and people whom I've never worked with before but was part of the company some time ago. More about this soon!


Something cute: The mystery of the Pink Rubber Duckie will be revealed. . . soon!

I have missed all of you so much in these two days! I'm glad to be back. Have a great week ahead!