Thursday, April 02, 2009

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues
(Read an excerpt)
By Robert Fate
Published by Capital Crime Press
Published in 2007
ISBN-13: 9780977627622
280 pages

Synopsis from back cover:
When a Texas heiress goes missing and bodies begin to fall it is up to newly-licensed P.I. Kristin van Dijk and her cantankerous partner, Otis Millett, to confront dangerous Beaumont gangsters, prying Dallas cops, slick crooked lawyers, and a buxom waitress who smells like Evening in Paris.

First Sentence: Leon drooled when he smiled at me.

I have enjoyed the first book and the second one, Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues continues to deliver. It is another fast-paced and action-packed book. Just like the first book, this one is also told in a first person voice style. In this installment, Kristin is now Otis' partner in his private investigator practice.

Kristin and Otis are hired to locate and rescue a young heiress. Sounds easy, no? But things turn out to be more difficult than they have expected when complications arise. A simple rescue mission becomes something more. Bodies start to pile up.

I enjoyed reading the partnership between Otis and Kristin. Otis is a great friend and partner. I think Robert Fate did a great job with the characterization and plot. I love the ending! I'm looking forward to reading Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption.

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