Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Shark

Baby Shark
(Read an excerpt)
By Robert Fate
Published by Capital Crime Press
Published in 2006
ISBN-13: 9780977627691

Synopsis from back cover:
A father murdered. A daughter sexually assaulted, beaten, left dead. As a rule, in the 1950's, a good girl didn't admit to being raped--and she'd never seek revenge for her father's murder. But Kristin didn't play by the rules.

Chapter One, First Paragraph: The rumble of the machines stopped everything cold. No one spoke, but everyone knew what was next.

This is the first time I'm reading Robert Fate and his book Baby Shark delivers. It got my attention from the very start and managed to hold on to it until the last. The 17-year-old female protagonist, Kristin van Dijk, is a force to be reckoned with.

When a group of bikers in black leathers come to Henry Chin's pool place, a few people's lives are about to change. Or expire. They wreck havoc, murder a few people including Kristin's father and Henry. Kristin is sexually assaulted before being left for dead. The thugs set the place on fire. Henry, badly injured but alive, rescues the unconscious girl. The local police shows no interest in cracking the case and pays very little attention to Henry who is Chinese immigrant. He hires a private investigator named Otis to help.

Kristin slowly recovers but is physically scarred from her severe injuries. Kristin is shaken from that terrible experience but not shattered. She is determined to bring justice to what has happened to her father and seeks revenge. Henry who has also lost his son in that incident is determined to help Kristin. He hires experts to train Kristin in self-protection and pool playing. She picks up and soon masters those deadly skills. She earns her nickname "Baby Shark" by winning pool games. One by one, she hunts down those thugs.

While Kristin works her way to healing and mastering those skills may seem over the top, this is not so. The author injects into the story her doubts and emotional frailty making her as human as can be. She is still burdened by fear but she is an overcomer. Good partnership and collaboration enables Baby Shark to accomplish her plan for revenge.

I enjoy the book and the author's style. It is a fast read and a page-turner. I have also read the second book Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues and is looking forward to concluding the series with Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption.

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