Friday, February 06, 2009

Fire, fire, smoke, smoke!

Wednesday, February 4 (Commerce Leisure Square): The day I walked 50 flights of stairs DOWN (25) and UP (25) because...

Note: Photos were taken using my mobile phone

That's the summary of what happened on that lovely Wednesday shortly after lunch (thank God for that because otherwise, where do we find 'fuel' to burn?). I couldn't wait for the elevators to start operating again so I resorted to climbing the stairs to get back to my office. There's tonnes of stuff to be done and every minute and second counts.

On the same evening, me and my boss (who is also my administrative partner in the chairman's office) had to go to the chairman's residence to help with a function that night involving distinguished guests including a minister. So on top of that 'workout' in the afternoon, we had another round at night when we worked until midnight. It was tiring but as I've said earlier, totally rocked!