Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kurnia's Private Car Comprehensive Insurance Policy (Photoshoot Flashbacks)

I am delighted to find the info-advertisement page for Kurnia's Private Car Comprehensive Insurance Policy in this month's CLEO Malaysia (p. 161). I was not sure if the photos I helped took between October and December last year were useful, but seeing them in the info-ad below makes me a happy girl!

The Ad

The above photos were a combined result of the following photoshoots I had the opportunity to help with. Here are the flashbacks:

30 October 2008: I had the good fortune to assist in doing some still shots for my company while the professional video folks do their thing. . . [Read more]
19 December 2008: Oh what fun when yesterday my colleague RT came over to ask for help with a magazine advertorial photoshoot. . . [Read more]
The ad also appeared in the Malaysian Women's Weekly magazine (Edited to add: . . .and the inside backcover of Cosmopolitan Malaysia).

I am so glad that my hobby can help the company in its marketing effort as it is wonderful to be able to serve and add value that way. I truly look forward to more of such opportunities. I'm not a professional photographer but photography is definitely something I'm passionate about!

Edited to add at 8.45 PM, 28 February: I have been asked by some friends whether I was paid for these additional work I did for the company. The answer is "no" and I don't mind one bit. I even used my own lens and camera. After all, I'm doing something I absolutely delight in, and it's an honor to be appreciated and noticed for whatever little talent I have for photography. All these are great experiences!