Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everday Supplements Award

I would like to thank Flo Flo of Where Thoughts Take Wings for this edifying blog award. Cmate of Mini Bites and I were given this award that she has created. She said, "The reason they are getting this award is because these two blogs are like my everyday supplements. Everyday when I turn on my computer, the first thing I would do is check out updates from them because somehow, their entries always manage to brighten up my day or make me ponder about life in a hopeful way." I'm so honored, Flo. Thanks very much!

Flo also said:
Alice is always so cheerful and her dedication to her tasks is so motivating and inspiring. I hope to be as productive as her in reading all my collection of books and embarking on life's many pleasures.
Here are the rules:
  1. Pass this award on to the blogs that are in your daily "must read" list.
  2. Name the blog/owners and tell us why the blog(s) is/are like your "everyday supplements".
  3. The blogs that are awarded are automatically tagged to do the meme. So this keeps the circle going and hopefully, we will be able to introduce one another with some life-enriching reads.
  4. Optional: You can also include public blogs that are updated weekly/monthly but one(s) that you religiously follow during every update.
I visit many blogs that are my daily must-reads. At times, I may not comment right away due to time constraint but I do visit them like clockwork. There are many, but I would like to pass on the award to the following bloggers:
  • Melody of Melody's Reading Corner: Being a wife and mother of two does not stop her from reading. Between juggling her life at work and at home, she inspires and motivates us that it is still possible to read and pursue other interests in our busy-ness. This is one booklover whose book reviews I enjoy tremendously.

  • Julia of Julia's Books Corner: Very approachable and friendly, Julia is a lovely person whom I have the good fortune of knowing. In fact, she and Melody are one of my earliest blog friends, and they happened to be good friends with each other. Although she does not update her blog as often as most of us do; however, when she does have something new, I would be there come rain or shine. Her comments always make me smile and she has a great sense of humour.

  • Wendy R. of Musings of a Bookish Kitty: Wendy's book journalling is a pleasure to read and her book reviews are amazing. She articulates her thoughts very well. She is also the person responsible for introducing great authors such as Karen E. Olson (who had made a guest appearance on my blog) and Robert Fate (who sent me his complete Baby Shark series). Thank you for being such an amazing person!

  • Andrew Wong of Momentz of My Life: Andrew is one of the few amazing Malaysian bloggers that I care to visit. He takes fantastic pictures and is occasionally my photoshoot friend. A humble and totally friendly person, he can't help but make you feel at ease. I enjoy all his outings and food photos, and reading about his life as a Christian. God bless you!

  • Barbara H. of Stray Thoughts: Barbara is a godly woman and a blogger friend whom I respect. She is also an avid reader and is into crafts. Married to her husband for 26 years, she is an inspiration to me and I know that marriage does work when you partner with the right person. Being a "middle-aged" stay-at-home mom (as she calls herself), she keeps busy with various interesting projects. Her blog is indeed an everyday supplement to me.

There you go. Whatever situation we may be in (busy or free, bored or engaged, clueless or full of ideas), we only need to know where to find these wonderful people who come from various walks of life, doing all sorts of wonderful things. It is not difficult because the Internet (one of man's best invention) has made it so easy. We only need to make a choice to achieve and receive something meaningful from the abundance that surrounds us.

If your blog is not mentioned here that does not mean you're not on my mind. From the bottom of my heart, you are my friend and I am glad we are friends.