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Bedtime for Bonsai

Bedtime for Bonsai
By Elaine Fox (Author's Website)
Publisher: Avon
Published on December 2008
ISBN-13: 9780061474644
359 pages

Page 17: "Sweet mother of all things sweaty," Georgia interrupted, rising from her seat at the picnic table and shading her eyes with a hand to look toward the canal path.

In the latest installment of the doggie series, Elaine Fox brings us Bedtime for Bonsai. No, it has got nothing to do with plants, but everything to do with a dog and romance. This time the highlight of the story is the socialite-looking, beautiful and good girl, Penelope Porter. Penelope plans to get back together with her no-good ex-husband and the first chapter of the book gives us just that. She also wants a baby but it was for that very reason her ex-husband left her for another woman (he does not want any juniors). Ironically, after he married another, a baby came to be. Men.

Penelope gets herself a cute puppy and she names him Mr Darcy. The problem with Mr Darcy is that he keeps sneaking over to the shop across the street owned by the new-guy-in-town, Dylan Mersey. Dylan, a very good looking bad boy, apparently, has past criminal record and settles himself in the small town to start anew. In the beginning when Mr Darcy keeps appearing in his shop, Dylan does not knowing whose puppy that is, so he gives the pup a name he thinks fit: Bonsai. Dylan is also the traffic-stopping guy Georgia saw mentioned in page 17 above.

Penelope and Dylan did not get off with a good start. Prejudiced by what she heard about Dylan, she even calls in the police one night when she suspects Dylan is up to no good outside her shop. Dylan has his own problem to deal with when his old criminal friend calls him up to repay an 'old favour'. Slowly, though, Cupid gets to work and the barriers are taken down. How? What happened? This, I leave you to read it for yourself. All I can say is that what is unsuitable become unstoppable for Dylan and Penelope.

I must share an interesting finding here that has got to do with shower-worthiness: The attraction test (p. 235).

You meet them, they're nice looking, but would you want to take a shower with them? You can think of all kinds of people who are nice-looking, but unless you want to take a shower with them you don't feel the right way for a relationship.
If you have read the earlier books in this dog series: Guys & Dogs; Hello, Doggy; and Beware of Doug, you would know about the other women (Megan, Lily and Georgia) who are also good friends with each other. They love dogs and meet regularly at the dog park. They each have a story to tell and very interesting ones, too. I have enjoyed them all including Bedtime for Bonsai. Romantic, funny, cute.

I am glad I picked up a used copy of Guys & Dogs while I was in Singapore. That was my first Elaine Fox book and I have been reading the series ever since.

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