Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Sunday with Family at KLCC and Bangsar

Meet Neko-chan, my newfound kitty friend! I saw her at the Bangsar Village shopping complex and couldn't resist taking her home. After completing the 'adoption process' she's mine!

Isn't she cheerful? I love her bright orange colour
She has patterns on her back and an embroidered Chinese character
She loves being in the Kinokuniya paperbag accompanying the books I've just bought this morning.

Please give Neko-chan your warm welcome...


OK, let's rewind (Neko-chan was the finale, actually). We had a mini family outing at KLCC this morning, mainly because I wanted to go to Kinokuniya and use the 25% discount postcards. So mom, my brother John, my sisters Rose and Catherine, Swinger and I went to KLCC early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam. Michael and my hubby did not join us.

We had breakfast at the Level 2 Food Court, and I had McDonald's for breakfast. The service was good and the food yummy.
At the Concourse area, the Chinese New Year decoration is simple yet, lovely. I like the giant lanterns...
And all the mini ones down there.
These are some of the books I bought at Kino. The nonfictions are not mentioned here.
1) Dan Brown's Angels & Demons
2) Garth Nix's The Abhorsen Chronicles: Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen


Our next destination after KLCC was Bangsar and the gang decided to go to Bangsar Village II for our lunch. We settled for Banquet to fill our tummies. The staff is friendly and the food came fast.

Welcome to Banquet!
Yummy and juicy chicken wings for starters
Catherine's Asian Lunch Box that comes with mango kerabu, rojak, assam laksa, and iced lemon tea (MYR23 / ~US$6)
My brewed coffee (great stuff!)
And my MYR16 'yin yong' (mixed noodle). I think the hawker or Chinese restaurant ones are better, but the prawns and sotong that they include here were fresh and juicy. They were quite generous with the chicken meat too.
Rose's chicken salad. I 'stole' some of her vege and I love the crunchiness!
Last but not least, mom's wok-fried vermicelli. Tasted good!
The Banquet is a nice place to dine. I enjoyed the ambience and the food was good. I love the coffee! Another thing that made it a nice dining experience today was the Chinese music that was playing at the ground floor (I think it's the ground floor).

I like the lighting and got quite excited seeing a guzheng (Chinese plucked string instrument). I believe this was what we heard earlier on at the restaurant.
I had a great day with my family and I hope you've enjoyed your weekend too!