Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Mid Valley Megamall Saturday

I met up with Andrew and Denise today at DELIcious Mid Valley. I reached early to avoid the potential pre-Chinese New Year traffic congestion, but the two lovelies were caught in that. Andrew had it worst. He got stuck in the parking lot searching for a space while Denise and I waited for him at the restaurant. Since both of us hadn't had our breakfast, we decided to order something and settled for potato wedges and our drinks. I must have coffee, so I ordered a nice cup of long black.

The interesting decor at DELIicious

While waiting for Andrew and Denise to arrive, I lurked around the shopping mall and did some preliminary photoshoot. More of that soon, which are Chinese New Year-related.

Now, back to DELIcious. Andrew finally parked his car and entered the restaurant like a hero. We ordered our main meals and here's what we had:

Andrew's fish and chips My Thai Crabmeat Spaghettini
Denise's Carbonara Spaghettini

And, and, AND, he brought his 'baby' with him! A brand new Nikon D300! Oh my gosh! I was practically DROOLING over the camera! (Notice all the exclamation marks?) He let me play with it for a while (thank you, sir!). I replaced his 50mm lens with my 18-200mm VR lens and requested for him to chuck on the speedlight as well. The battery grip is already attached so with everything 'on', I felt the weight of that darling (around 1.5 kg) and it was actually OK!

Ladies and gentlemen, Andrew's Nikon D300! He held it this way...
And that...

Something exciting's happening at the Centre Court (lion dance!!). We marched our way there. Lots of people watching... and I squeezed into the crowd trying to get some shots.

But more about that coming right up so stay tuned!

After I said good-bye to Andrew and Denise, I shopped for at MPH Bookstore (old habit die hard) and bought two books: 1) DH Lawrence's Sons and Lovers and Women in Love omnibus edition, and 2) Elaine Fox's latest book Bedtime for Bonsai.

A cute caucasian guy came up to me while I was looking at Salman Rushdie's book and holding another one by Jeffrey Eugenides. I swore my face turned scarlet because all of a sudden, the bookstore became quite hot. He really caught me by surprise. We talked about Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. He was wondering why it can't be found at the bookshops here and I told him it's a banned book. We talked about banned books for a few minutes and I even suggested for him to try out (I did a search there a minute ago and it's selling at US$3.98 used).

What's next?