Saturday, January 31, 2009

Breakfast @ Al Fariz Maju, Kelana Jaya

It was a lovely Saturday. My family and I went for breakfast at the mamak's before we went to 1 Utama Shopping Centre to watch Inkheart. I finished the book during my CNY East Coast trip and just in time before I watch the movie. I also managed to finish two other books during the trip: Bedtime for Bonsai by Elaine Fox and Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. Quite a productive trip, if you ask me. *GRIN*

All right. Let's get back to the breakfast. My brother John had wanted to eat something Malay and both of us had cravings for nasi lemak. We decided to go to Al Fariz Maju at Kelana Jaya. More photos at Facebook.

Swingers came with us! Me with my Swinger
Catherine with her Swinger And she loves him to bits...
Everybody loves Swinger, including Mom
Beauty and the Beast. Rose with John
Michael with his mouth full of food
John always looks like this after his satisfying meal
Roti canai (Maju's roti is absolutely lip smackingly delicious)
Nasi lemak. The only grouse I had was that cucumbers were not included!
Extra spicy (and yummy) Maggi goreng

After that delicious breakfast (thanks, Michael, for the treat!!), we dashed off to 1 Utama for our movie. I'm UNhappy to say that Inkheart the movie is so not like Inkheart the book. It is almost 95% different from the book version! You would probably enjoy the movie if you watch it without reading the book, but if you did read the book, you'd find that the story is adapted very differently. I actually felt uncomfortable throughout the movie. I hope I did not read the Inkheart that's different from the one penned by Cornelia Funke... Oh well. The book review is coming up soon!