Thursday, January 22, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Inspired

Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

My reading is inspired by a couple of things:

Mood. I'm largely a moody person (I'm sure this is the case with a lot of book bloggers as well) and I read whatever I fancy at the moment. When fantasy hits me, I'll be inspired to read more fantasy fiction. Right now, I feel like thriller...

Projects I'm working on. This one is somehow related to mood, but in a more disciplined manner. It can be official projects or unofficial (self-directed ones). For example, when I'm being assigned PR-related writings at work, I will naturally gather and read materials related to PR. For self-directed ones such as blogging, I read books such as Blogging Heroes. So for projects I'm working on, I adopt a more focused approach to reading and with a purpose in mind.

Recommendations by friends. Blogging buddies play a crucial role here. You, my dear friends, have been responsible in suggesting great books through your reviews. Very often, I'm inspired by them and every time I read new authors, my reading scope widens.

Bibliography. Other great books suggested by the current book I'm reading, which often deals with non-fictions. For example, when I read a book on problem solving and that book suggests or refers to another book on creativity, I will be inspired to explore further.

Randomness. For example, when I browse at the bookstore or on and I see this wonderful box set that I know will be mine. Earlier I may not have the intention to buy it but then suddenly I do when I see it, so I get it. Case in point: Sookie Stackhouse of the Southern Vampire Mysteries series. I read some wonderful things about the series from Wendy of Musings of a Bookish Kitty and it is only later when I saw a bargain at that I decided to buy it. Speak about random inspiration...

I would love to read what inspires your reading too!