Friday, January 09, 2009

(Blog) Love's in the air...

Imagine my surprise when I visited Sam's blog just a moment ago (I visit her like clockwork), and found the following in her post Mama Kat's Writing Challenge:

I've mentioned (and taken part in) Mama Kat's writing challenge before, but it seems to have dropped off my radar recently - blame it on Christmas! Anyway, this week the prompts include "Who was your first bloggy friend? How did you find each other? Do you still correspond?

"This, I thought, was quite open to interpretation and it made me go back and have a serious look at my earlier blog posts all those years (!) ago. Which was actually quite interesting because I noticed that my first few commentators were mostly friends and family, all of whom now very rarely comment (hint!).

Back to the interpretation bit though - the reason I say that is because I have one or two commentators that appear on my blog before the one that I consider my first bloggy friend eventually arrived. So, I would argue that as the other bloggers don't comment on my blog any more as I must have scared them away and so I don't consider them my bloggy friend in quite the way that I do Alice!

Read more (yes... please go ahead and click here... *GRIN*)

That's a very sweet thing that Sam has done. It was totally unexpected and I was SPEECHLESS as I read it; blushing pink and all that. I'm so, so honoured. Thank you very much, Sam, for your friendship and everything else! You can be sure I'll be around either lurking or blatantly showing my presence in your blog. LOL. Thank you again for being a friend and God bless you!


And then, there's Andrew Wong, my occassional photoshoot buddy. He left such a sweet note on his blog that made me beam from ear to ear. You see, I snail-mailed him a calendar by Shelter Home for Children [I blogged about the calendar in December last year under the post Shelter Home 2009 Calendar (AND Great Buddy Award)]. I mailed it on Sunday and he received it two days later. Here's a shot he took and I 'stole' for this post *GRIN*:

Read his thoughts by visiting him here, and while you're at it, you must check out his wonderful photographs. I love his composition and he takes some of the most interesting pictures; most creative! Thank you, Andrew, for another totally unexpected but sweet gesture. God bless you!


Last but not least, Jen of Up Close & Personal with LadyTink who has once again awarded me with the "Butterfly Award: For the coolest blog I ever know" (I first received it from Rachel of Heart of Rachel in October 2008). Jen said this:

She posts the most amazing (and tummy-rumbling) pictures! She also throws in a few good book reviews occasionally.

To Jen: You're one of the sweetest blogger I have the fortune to know in the blogosphere and every time I visit your blog, I smile because of all the lovely cartoon characters you feature there. It's relaxing and cute! Thanks for your friendship!

To all my blog friends: This award is for YOU too!