Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Shark series by Robert Fate

Look what I've got in the mail today! Books by and from author Robert Fate! When Robert first contacted me through my Cbox (found in the sidebar), I was thrilled beyond words. And this is all thanks to Wendy from Musings of a Bookish Kitty who passed on my contacts to him (thanks, Wendy!). It was a pleasant, pleasant surprise. So when the package arrived at my office today, I was elated and guess what, I not only get one book but THREE—that is, the entire Baby Shark series! Thank you so much for your generosity, Robert! I really appreciate the books. Here's a 'photo report' and further down is the brief synopsis of the books:

Behold, THE package (I was mentally doing my little Snoopy Dance when I held it in my hands)

The package revealed!

All the three books in the Baby Shark series:
1) Baby Shark
2) Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues
3) Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption
I also love the bookmarks that came with the books!

They were autographed each with different messages. For Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues, it is: "To Alice, my reader friend in Malaysia. Enjoy."

You bet I will, Robert. With so many good things already said about your books, it'll be hard not to enjoy them. Even J. T. Ellison, author of All the Pretty Girls (I have a copy of that too) said: There are very few books that I read these days that take my breath away. But Robert Fate's BABY SHARK is one of them. It's certainly the best book I've read this year, and possibly the best I've ever read.


Now, I'm going to postpone the reading of all the other books I've lined up for this month, and focus on the Baby Shark series. Before I scoot off, here's more about Robert Fate and his masterpieces:

Robert Fate was born Robert Fate Bealmear in 1935 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and lived there until he finished high school and joined the Marines. After his military service, he used his G.I. Bill to study at universities in California, Oklahoma, Greece, and France. During those years, he worked at many different jobs, but one thing remained constant-he wrote. He wrote poetry, short stories, magazine articles, journals, stage plays, TV and Motion Picture scripts, and finally the novel. It was a long, scenic road to novels, but he has found his home and says he will stray no more.

Robert Fate is a Marine Corps veteran... (Read more)


Published by Capital Crime Press
ISBN: 9780977627691
Trade Paperback
256 pages

In a roadside pool hall out west of Abilene, Kristin Van Dijk, 17, is forced by four thugs to watch the murder of three men, including her pool hustler father. She’s assaulted and beaten and left for dead as Henry Chin, a Chinese immigrant whose grown son was one of those murdered, saves her and secretly helps her recover. Because the local police show no interest in solving the pool hall crime, Henry hires a private investigator more set on justice than law to start a search for the nomadic killers. Then Henry hires two vets to teach Kristin how to protect herself. She develops into one tough package of trouble as she also perfects her pool. At eighteen, she looks for the thugs as she hustles pool in west Texas and earns the nickname Baby Shark. Revenge is difficult, but satisfying. (Synopsis from Amazon.com)

Published by Capital Crime Press
ISBN: 9780977627622
Trade Paperback
286 pages

When a Texas oil heiress goes missing and bodies begin to fall it is up to newly-licensed P.I. Kristin Van Dijk and her cantankerous partner, Otis Millett, to confront dangerous Beaumont gangsters, prying Dallas cops, slick crooked lawyers, and a buxom waitress who smells like Evening in Paris. This is anything-but-straightforward Baby Shark crime adventure that hits the ground running for its life from bullet-riddled page one to a hell-of-a-surprise climax you never saw coming. (Synopsis from back cover)

Published by Capital Crime Press
ISBN: 9780979996023
Trade Paperback
287 pages

When Kristin Van Dijk aka Baby Shark and Otis Millett are hired to deliver the ransom for redheaded Savannah Smike, the mysterious piano-playing girlfriend of an Oklahoma bootlegger, they find themselves involved in more trouble than they bargained for. It is kill or be killed from day one.

Who wants Savannah so badly they are willing to murder anyone who gets in the way?

This is the mystery Kristin and Otis confront in what becomes a no-holds-barred struggle between the two feuding outlaw clans.

This action-crime-adventure is quintessential Baby Shark. It careens across two states, leaving a trail of blood and destruction from the tough side of Fort Worth through the southern Ozarks of Oklahoma to the lonesome high plains of the Texas panhandle. (Synopsis from back cover)