Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All in a few days' work

For the last three days, Alicia (corporate communications) and I have been going around town in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya delivering Chinese New Year hampers to the media on behalf of our company. It was fun AND tiring. The fun bit was meeting all the editors, sub-editors, journalists, editorial staff in person to pass them the hampers. The tiring bit was trying to find the location of these media offices because both of us have no idea at all. No, actually the hunting part was quite fun, too, because we had no idea what to expect.

We began the adventure of 'hunting' down every office on our listing. Alicia did some homework beforehand by jotting down the directions next to the addresses. So Alicia drove while I try to navigate. She also managed to get her human GPS (her significant other half) to help with the directions when things got iffy.

Based on Alicia's homework, we reached the places we needed to go

One of our last few destinations was Oriental Daily. As there was no parking, I waited and guarded in the car. Mr Smiley (the yellow stress ball) was smiling back at me so I decided to make him a permanent resident here.

Outside the Oriental Daily building I waited for Alicia to return

We've been here!
(One of the best meetings was when we managed to meet with Mr Ho Kay Tat, the editor-in-chief of The Edge. Must be our lucky day!)

We're done with the deliveries after three days of driving around and seeing people. We experienced all sorts of things: stucked in traffic congestion... stumped at certain points of our routes... journeyed into forbidden area for example a one way street... some editors were already on vacation... Through it all, we had fun!