Monday, December 01, 2008

Reading Challenges: Completed and Pending (AND, 6 happy things meme)

The backlog, with books read being crossed out

Back in October, I posted about having to clear 17 books from the list of reading challenges I participated. I'm happy to say that as of now, I've finished read 7 out of the 17; therefore, completing 3 challenges i.e. "Unread Authors," "Spring Reading Thing," and "R.I.P. III" challenges.

COMPLETED "Unread Authors" Challenge

COMPLETED "Spring Reading Thing" Challenge
  1. Make Anger Your Ally
  2. Shoulda Coulda Woulda
  3. What Got You Here Won't Get You There
  4. The Book Thief

COMPLETED "R.I.P. III" Challenge
(Note: This was finished on time)

  1. The Night Watch
  2. The Haunted Bookshop
  3. The Host
  4. The Bleeding Dusk
  5. When Twilight Burns

Here are the balance of the 10 books to be read and finished by December 2008: (For now, I will not be able to read other books apart from those listed below if I were to finish them all by end of this year. But maybe, just maybe, IF my mood so dictates, I might just read one or two not included below)

PENDING "What's In A Name" Challenge

  1. Germ
  2. Oregon Breeze

PENDING "2008 TBR" Challenge

  1. The Mist of Avalon
  2. In the Forest
  3. Summer Lightning
  4. Prodigal Summer
  5. The Forest of Hours
  6. The Rights of Desire
  7. The Service of Clouds
  8. Here Today


I've been tagged by iluvgreen to do this easy meme: 6 things that make me happy. The 6 things are, in no particular order:
  1. Family
  2. Friends, including all my blogger friends
  3. Camera and photography
  4. Books and reading
  5. Internet and blogging
  6. Bed and sleeping
Thanks for the tag! If you're playing, please let me know and I'll come visit you. Or, you could just post them in the comment box here.