Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dinner @ Kim Gary, The Curve

It was so sweet of Wing to invite Ray and me for dinner tonight. We met at The Curve and decided to have dinner at Kim Gary. They were at Borders when I reached there, and later after dinner, we went to collect Wing's new glasses. He looks mighty good wearing it!

Our iced 'ying yong' (coffee + milk tea)

Wing's and my dinner sets come with dessert and soup (photo of soup not taken)My baked cheese rice set with fish fillet. Wing ordered the chicken chop variety Ray's pasta set

More photos at Facebook!

Wing also gave me a Christmas gift and it shall be revealed tomorrow together with the gifts from my Secret Santa (yes, I received two mails from my SS!). Thanks, Wing! Thanks, Secret Santa!

Meanwhile, please visit Wing and Ray at their blogs. They've just started blogging and I hope you will support the boys and show them some blog love! *GRIN*