Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 TBR Challenge: An Update

On December 11, I wrote about having completed the balance of two books in the What's In A Name Challenge (see orange-outlined crosses above) leaving behind eight more to be tackled for the 2008 TBR Challenge (total books to be read is 12). Since then, I've completed three more and the green-outlined crosses above marked the books I've read:

  1. The Service of Clouds (320 pages)
  2. Here Today (336 pages)
  3. Summer Lightning (416 pages)

I still have the balance of FIVE more books to read before the end of year 2008:

  1. The Mist of Avalon (912 pages)
  2. Prodigal Summer (464 pages)
  3. The Forest of Hours (488 pages)
  4. The Rights of Desire (320 pages)
  5. In the Forest (272 pages)

Would I be able to complete all the five books for the only challenge I've yet to complete this year? I'm not sure seeing that it's the holiday seasons and most of them are chunksters, but I want to give them my best shot!

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