Thursday, November 06, 2008

ZM Prize Draw (AND, breakfast at 1950 Kopitiam, SS2)

ZM Prize Draw. Imagine how happy I am when I found out that my name's been drawn by Billy, Jen's son at Billys Video and Picture Blog! That was a really pleasant surprise because it was totally unexpected. Do take a look at his YouTube video broadcast. He's got a great sense of humour, that boy. Thanks, Billy! Thanks, Jen! And I'm sure President Obama would be so happy to hear your good wishes in that video for him too.

Breakfast with Mom and Sister. Last Sunday I went for a hearty breakfast with my mom and Cat at the 1950 Kopitiam in SS2. We ordered set breakfast for MYR9.90 per set consisting of coffee/tea, kaya-butter toast, two half-boiled eggs, and a choice of either nasi lemak, mee siam or mee goreng. By the time we finished our breakfast, we're stuffed. Nice food with great price too.

Half-boiled eggs served in pepper and black soy sauce.
My sister, Cat said that the first picture looks 'wrong' (if you know what I mean). They came like that and I didn't adjust the items in the bowl...My mee goreng (fried noodles) Cat's nasi lemak Mom's mee siam
But before our breakfast, we were posing a bit. Here's Cat!
Here's mom!
More photos in Facebook

Restaurant Information:

Address: 90, Jalan SS2/60, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Telephone: +603 7874 4085

'Yamcha' at Prince Cafe SS2. This is also on Sunday. While waiting for our car to be polished by the carwash guy, we went to the nearby Prince Cafe for drinks. More photos in Facebook.

This is me!And my ice-blended cappucino

I hope you are enjoying yourself whatever you're doing. I took time off from work today so I could catch up on my books and well, write this post. Haha. Have a great day!