Monday, November 24, 2008

SPCA (Part 4): Evening at Look Out Point

Continued from Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (or see ALL)

This was an outing that is related to the visit to SPCA Selangor on Saturday last week. Ray, Wing, Nor and I decided to hang out at Look Out Point hoping to catch the sunset and beautiful city night lights. It is a popular place to chill because we could see families, couples, and friends there spending time together. It is advised to go there earlier because the place will be packed and parking space will be a problem.

We arrived early at 4.00 PM straight after our late lunch at Satay Kajang Hj Samuri. We wanted to dine at Gasoline but the staff informed that kitchen only starts operating at 5.00 PM. So in the meantime, we went for a photo-op...

We enjoyed the greenery. Thank God for the fine weather.We climbed some stairs before reaching the 'Viewing Tower' (Menara Tinjau) The Tower--we're almost there and the gang had started clicking This is Nor
Wing is always jovial
Ray smiles when he clicks
The handsome boys and pretty girl (psst... is Wing holding Ray's hand while Nor's 'covering' them? LOL)
Nor 'picking' Ray
Comparing notes...
'Ambushing' the photographer while she was taking photos of the boys
Kitty has good balancing ability
Is this the mommy?
Kitty: Mom?...
Unique kitty has a pair of yellow-blue eyes. More about odd-eye cats at Wikipedia.
A gloomy day and misty too
Can't see much because of the mist, but then...

The mist cleared a little and we could see the sun peek through just a wee bit... We didn't have much luck on getting a spectacular sunset like my last visit, but it was still a great outing.
The hills
The night light

The SPCA series would be coming to an end in the next post featuring more photos of kitties and SPCA's Thrift Shop. I hope you have enjoyed all the photos and it is my hope that the animals in the shelter will find good homes for themselves. Have a good week ahead!