Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SPCA (Part 2): Friends and Food

Continued from Part 1 (or see ALL)

Before we see the goggie photos at SPCA, let me introduce my friends. They're great people and loads of fun too. First, we had breakfast at Papa Cafe near Wing's place. There was supposed to be a group photo but I accidentally 'killed' it while downloading. *smacks head* More photos in Facebook.

The lovely Nor
Smiley Ray and Wing looking on. Ray was checking something on his mobile phone.Wing tucking into his breakfast. He managed to make the not-so-yummy food yummy.I'm a true Malaysian because I ordered nasi lemak! The rest of the gang ordered Western food.

For lunch after the SPCA visit, we headed to Satay Kajang Hj. Samuri to enjoy the famous satay.

The gang entering the restaurantVery thirsty so we had coconutThe satay that looks yummy but actually not-so-yummy in taste. It was a disappointment... The darker ones were deer meat and the others were chicken. Ray had wanted to order rabbit meat but we protested. Rabbits are pets!Dip, dip in sauce before eatingOnly sticks were left... *blurrpp*

Alas, dinner time! We went to Look Out Point to enjoy the sunset and greenery. Thank God it didn't rain but it was quite misty. We chose Gasoline for our dinner but the place was only opened at 5 PM so we went for some photo op first.

My chicken chop which I shared with the resident cat Ray named as MEOW MEOW the resident cat. She came to our table and starting meowing very loud. So I fed her... Ray's fried rice
Wing and Nor's chicken dishes
Wing's iced coffee and my 'cappu-cappu' (ice-blended cappucino with coffee jelly)
The map to Look Out Point [Source - I can't get it to enlarge here on my blog so please view the larger version at the source]

We were out from morning until night and by the time we reached home, we're beyond tired. It was a hectic but fun day! More photos in Facebook.

More about what we did at Look Out Point soon!
(As you can see from the photo, it was a rather gloomy and misty day)