Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SPCA (Part 1): The Kitty Series

If you are thinking of getting a pet, why not consider getting one from SPCA Selangor or any local animal shelters near you? If you do decide to keep a pet, be a responsible pet owner. Love them till the end of their lives. Don't abandon them just because they've outgrown their cuteness, or because they are old, or for whatever reason. When I was at the premise of SPCA, I saw a lot of cats and dogs, kittens and puppies at the shelter. Some are perfectly healthy, and some are quite sad and sick looking... Here's briefly about SPCA:

SPCA is set up to help abused and neglected animals, prevent cruelty and assist enforcement in prosecuting cruelty cases. As much as possible, SPCA avoids putting the animals to sleep because it is a horrible alternative used to solve the problem of overpopulation and unwanted pets. Which is why they try their best to provide the infrastructure to achieve its NO KILL vision. Find out how you can help through adoption, donation, or volunteering. If you are already a pet owner, neuter or spay your pet.


When SPCA said OK to my request to visit them last Saturday, I was thrilled. I had loads of fun playing and photographing the animals together with my friends Ray, Wing and Nor. Here are some of the photos I took of the cute kitties. There were one or two 'hostile' ones (they've probably gone through some trauma). Generally, they're very, very playful. Enjoy the kitties!

"Can I go home with you, please?"Kitty: "Back rub VERY nice..."
(Stroking kitty and juggling a heavy camera was quite challenging)
"Why you stop?""Thank you very much!" "Blekkk""My space. No entry."
(hmmm... kitteh wants space all to himself)
Adoption signages such as this one below is hung on most of the cages"See me climb"
*kitty demos the best way to climb in style*They're a playful lot. That's Nor's fingers holding the shreded piece of paper. The cages have playthings like the ones below
"I go home with you. Can? Please say 'OK' "
Kitty smooch
(I want one too)"I be good kitteh if you take me home"
Such a pretty cat"Hang on... I'm not quite ready to pose for the camera"Nor (far left), Wing (yellow t-shirt) and Ray 'shooting' the cats More photos in Facebook

Address: SPCA Selangor, Jalan Kerja Air Lama, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Telephone: +603 4256 5312 or +603 4253 5179
Fax: +603 4252 8382
(Open every day from 9 AM to 4 PM)

COMING UP SOON: Goggie Pics!

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