Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Guest Appearance: Karen E. Olson, Author of SHOT GIRL

Today's the day! I'm so thrilled to have Karen E. Olson making a guest appearance here in Malaysia. Karen is the author of the Annie Seymour Mystery Series, and her latest book SHOT GIRL is released today—do check out my book review plus interview with her just two days ago.

Please join me in welcoming Karen!


One of the things I love about this blog is that Alice eats out and then shares pictures of the delicious food. I enjoy a good meal as well, and that’s one thing I’ve brought to my novels. My police reporter protagonist, Annie Seymour, eats out a lot. She rarely has anything worth cooking in her cupboards or refrigerator (although her mother does manage to make her a nice chicken soup in DEAD OF THE DAY with a can of stock, a carrot and some noodles).

So I have to send her out to eat. Since New Haven is in itself a character in my books, telling my readers about the wonderful places to eat in the city has been one of the best things about writing the series. New Haven is a foodie’s paradise, with everything from Italian to Chinese to Japanese to Irish to Ethiopian to Turkish to Thai to Indian to vegetarian and more. There is something for everyone.

Annie lives just around the corner from Sally’s Apizza on Wooster Street, which is New Haven’s Little Italy. I’ve been going to Sally’s since I can remember, and my dad has been going there since he was a kid, too. The pizza there is delivered on long, metal cookie sheets. No plates, but you do get a fork and a knife and wad of napkins. The pizza itself is thin crust, with a buttery red sauce. You have to ask for mozzarella specifically, and my favorite pie is their white clam.

Just down the street from Sally’s is Pepe’s. In New Haven, you’re either go to Sally’s or Pepe’s, and there’s no waffling. I’ve run into people all over the world who know New Haven and the first thing they ask is: Sally’s or Pepe’s? I’ve never been to Pepe’s.

In my books, Annie spends a lot of time at Sally’s, or Consiglio’s, which is a fine dining Italian restaurant just up the street. She’s also eaten at Louie’s Lunch, which claims to have invented the hamburger; the Istanbul Café; Tandoor, which is Indian; Guadalupe La Poblanita, a great Mexican place; Atticus Café,which has great black bean soup and baked goods; and the Union League Café, a fancy French restaurant with fabulous foie gras.

One place Annie has never been to is Soul de Cuba, which is just up the street from my office. Cuban food isn’t the norm in Connecticut, but this restaurant makes my mouth water just hearing the name. My family went there for lunch recently, and in the vein of Alice’s theme here, I offer up some pictures of the great food we ate there:

Ropa viejo Beef empanadas
Cuban sandwich
Cake with tres leches
My daughter Julia and myself

More about Karen here.