Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mission 'MPH Warehouse Sale' Completed!

I was late getting to the MPH warehouse as I only woke up at 8.30 AM, nursing my migrained head. (At the point of writing this, my head is still throbbing...) By the time I freshened up and got there at 10 AM-ish, there were already lots of shoppers!

'Happy Hour' at the warehouse!
The MPH lady handing out shopping baskets
When the baskets ran out, she handed out boxes. I was lucky to get a basket even though I had to wait just a tiny wee bit...Let's get started!
It's hot, hot, HOT! Thank goodness for the overhead fans all over the place. There were large ones on the ground too. It's nice to stand in front of those large ones to 'air' myself.
Many people shopping! I got some stares from people who must be wondering what I was doing waving a camera around AND lugging a basket full of books. Hmm...
I WISH I bought this: Headless Body in Topless Bar: The Best Headlines from America's Favorite Newspaper (I only saw it after I was done shopping even though the pile was right smack at the entrance)

The Hitz.FM crew was there too!

People flocked there...

...and participated actively for the freebies Want refreshments? You can buy them just outside at the main entrance. I observed that the ice cream guy was quite a hit because lots of people buy from him.Three bags full--I will 'unveil' what I bought when I get home...

OK... as you can see, I broke my book ban (shame on me!) but me thinks this is a really, really good deal. I came out from the raid a sweaty, happy girl.


I will not be able to go to the October Readings@Seksan. My head is killing me and I've just popped some medicines. I will try my best to make it for the next one in November.