Thursday, October 30, 2008

Company Photoshoot on a Sunny Wednesday!

I had the good fortune to assist in doing some still shots for my company while the professional video folks do their thing. They're hired for this shoot and I was given the license to muck around (free labour!) with still photography. So I brought my camera, lens and other stuff. I just hope the photos I took are what my company needed...

Here's some of the backscene shots of the filming on a sunny morning and afternoon of yesterday. Thank God for the great weather. Despite being in the hot sun and 'toasted', I think I like it. I was enjoying myself. Totally. Sweat, heat and all.

The first videoshoot in the morning—by the road, just beside the highwayWhen in trouble, call KAA (Kurnia Auto Assist) at 1-800-88-3833. The KAA Riders will come to your rescue!The second videoshoot in the afternoon—behind our office building
Live preview
The ants are at work too (I almost sat on these red ants and I don't think I'd be smiling if I had...)

I wish I could show you more but I hope you'll be happy with just these few backscene shots. The rest are for my company. *GRIN*