Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun (Hot!) Day @ KL Orchid Garden

Ray, Andrew and I had a photoshoot at the KL Orchid Park today. We were late (sorry, Andrew!) and by the time we reached the Orchid Garden, it was already late morning. Before we left for the photoshoot Ray had a breakfast 'date' with his buddy Lai, and of course I also joined in together after he picked me up from home. (Very nice meeting you, Lai!)

I will post more photos taken at the Orchid Garden tomorrow but for now, let's take a look at what we did AFTER the shoot. More food pics! Hehe... We had lunch at TCK 1920 (Ray only joined in later when we finished our lunch because he went home to freshen up after the hot, sunny shoot) and this time, Denise joined us.

Meet Ray (left) and Andrew!

Meet the beautiful Denise This is what I had for lunch: Singapore Fried Mee Hoon and Sarsi 'leong fun' Andrew busy 'working'
He reads! Wow...
After Ray joined us after we're done with lunch, we adjourned to Coffee Bean for drinks. Andrew and Denise holding their drinks--look at the amount of cream in Andrew's drink!
Ray treated me to a GIANT glass of latte (WHOA... thank you, Ray!)
Andrew shoots pastry gleefully (see his happy face...) while Ray waits patiently (haha!) before he chomps on his food (yep, that's his food Andrew's shooting)
And the yummy, rich chocolate cake we all shared
Also many thanks to Andrew for the worship music CD. Great compilation especially Chris Tomlin's God in the City. Really appreciate it!

Have a good weekend, everybody!