Thursday, October 23, 2008

Canon Goes Green (Part 3)

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2 (or see ALL)

After the planting of trees, we went for a walk around the area and also for more 'photo sessions' (hehe...). This is the concluding part to the 'Canon Goes Green' posts. I hope you've enjoyed them!

Chee Minh helped to take this group photo with the 'Canon Goes Green' flagMe pretending to be the VIPNor using the Canon S3IS camera I lent to Ray.
She's a pretty girl!
Look what we saw when we stepped into the cordoned off area (with permission and under supervision)—a HUGE hornets nest!
And then, it's meal time! It's only about 10.00 AM at that time so it's still a little too early for lunch. We didn't eat there but instead, went to OldTown kopitiam just across the road
There were green apples too. Healthy stuff!
Great reminder. We're good boys and girls, and we don't waste food.

Music-making time! Look at all the happy faces... *GRIN* All cameras (big and small) ready, aim, shoot!Broken...Pails, Bins, Pots—they all created a din beautiful soundsSpotted model Elaine Daly who was also the MC on that day—photo opportunity! What do we have at the Activities Tent? One of them was face painting and lots of people waiting for their turn The paints Adults got it too More photos in Facebook (to be uploaded)

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