Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Canon Goes Green (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Before we swing straight into action, let's see what Canon Goes Green was all about. It aimed to create awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. In contribution to the cause, Canon with the help of hundreds of volunteers planted 2,500 seedlings in Padang Kota Damansara. [More photos in my Facebook album]

Ray, Nor and I arrived at about 8.30 AM on a sunny, glorious Saturday morning and went to the registration counters to announce our arrivals (ahem!). Ray and I were pre-registered but Nor joined in last minute. Good for you, girl! After we'd received our goodie bags that contained the green t-shirt, a cap, a pen and some other stuff in it, we went to get changed in the colourful blue mobile loo below. The first two booths, separated from the others, were for VIPs so they're off limits.The VIPs group photo with the EnvironMENTALS (left to right): Botany Girl, Green Grin and General Green
Now that all the official stuff was over, what do we do or where do we go from here?...
The ground was soft and muddy. Every step produced a 'squish squish' sound. My poor sneakers were all soaked up in mud...
We're now at the Group 1's planting location for the briefing. Our group name was Cengal.Volunteers in action The very young supervisor making sure that we do our work properly
Ma, look at the baby tree I planted!
(I proudly took a photo of my 'baby' after I planted it)
Me and my friends, Ray and Nor (middle)
Photo by Chee Minh
It's not just about tree planting. There were lots of other activities too, so please come back to visit as I post more photos soon. For now, do check out my Facebook album!

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