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Rises the Night: The Gardella Vampire Chronicles (Book Two)

Rises the Night:
The Gardella Vampire Chronicles

By Colleen Gleason (Author's Website)
Publisher: Signet
Published: June 2007
ISBN-13: 978-0-4512-2146-9
352 pages

Page 328: "I didn't do it for you. I did it for her."

Plot full of twists and turns. Max not being himself. Things go horribly wrong and tragic. Yes, readers can expect an intense story in the second book of the Gardella Vampire Chronicles series. Rises the Night takes things up several notches after Max disappears for about a year and is discovered to have ‘switched sides’; and Lilith’s vampire son, Nedas comes into the picture where he is about to do something irreversibly destructive using the Akvan's Obelisk, a device once activated will give any vampire or demon the capability to call upon and control the souls of the dead. All hell is about to break loose in Rome, Italy.

Both Sebastian and Max hold secrets to their identity—past and present. I must say I was quite mad with Sebastian for his penchant to leave Victoria dangling mid-air each time for their romantic interlude. That guy is truly addled but still, I cannot help liking him. Although Sebastian is everywhere in this story (it seems that he has the innate ability to appear before Victoria at the best of times), it is Max that I kept thinking about. I wonder what happened to him. Why did he go on a hiatus? Most alarming of all, why is he doing what Victoria saw him doing?

Victoria must learn to accept that being a Venator means more than her own feelings and needs, and sacrifices must be made for the greater good. Her aunt Eustacia and Max—two of world’s most powerful Venators—demonstrated that. In Rises the Night, Colleen Gleason gives us a satisfying read that is full of suspense, violence, and a tinge of romance. I wanted more so I’d gladly move on to the third book in the series, The Bleeding Dusk.

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