Wednesday, September 03, 2008 vs. Kinokuniya/MPH

It’s sometimes cheaper to buy online from and than from local bookstores. Take the case of The Complete Maus, for example. I took a quick look at the various booksellers and made the following comparisons (total cost includes shipping):

Local Booksellers
(excluding shipping cost assuming you're a walk-in customer)
  • MPH: MYR158
  • Kinokuniya: MYR145

My Favourite Overseas Booksellers

  • USD33.08 or ~ MYR113
    (Book USD23.10, Shipping USD9.98)
  • USD29.45 or ~ MYR100
    (Book USD25.48, Shipping USD3.97)

The original price of the book is USD35 or ~ MYR119. and offer a 34% and 27% discounts respectively. Even if you add the shipping cost (let’s take the cheaper examples on both sides using and Kinokuniya), the total in Malaysian currency is around MYR132 for, which is still cheaper than buying from Kinokuniya at MYR145. With further discounts offered by these online sellers, I save even more...

I see the same thing with some hard-to-get photography titles. It makes more sense to buy from than Kinokuniya (I pick Kino because it is like the Malaysian version of is perfect if you’re looking for used books (or out of prints) with cheap shipping costs. Even though the titles you wanted may not be available at the time you did the search, sometimes they are available at a later date. If you’re not desperate, it’s worth the wait. Prices start from USD3.48. They do sell new ones as well, just like the Maus example above.

Here are some of the screenshots I took of all the booksellers mentioned above. Book prices from the various sellers are as of today.
Kinokuniya Malaysia
MPH Malaysia

I don’t get anything from these booksellers for singing their songs, but just wanted to share my positive experiences with friends. I love online shopping!