Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OldTown White Coffee @ Dataran Mentari

The OldTown White Coffee outlet in Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway is now opened for business! Very exciting and also very excited. So today, we went there for a blissful and happy lunch - Irene, PS, Joanne, Mr Hing, SY, Ms Kang, and yours truly. The staff is friendly and the food came mighty fast.

Welcome to OldTown!
The place is huge with nice ambience. It was actually quite packed with customers. When I took this photo, it was still early.
The peacelovers
(I have no idea why my finger tips were red. Maybe I'm hot-blooded? LOL)
My iced white coffee
And my nasi lemak special
(Generally, I really like nasi lemak, don't ask me why)
That's me chomping down my food
(I was supposed to act cute but apparently I don't do cute too well...)
Irene's Ipoh 'hor fun'
Joanne's sausage and egg noodles
Garlic bread for all
(kaya and butter toast + curry chicken toast not shown)
Bye bye OldTown
(It's pouring outside)

I really like the kaya and butter toast. OldTown was generous in spreading the toast with thick kaya and butter sticks, but too bad I didn't take a picture of the dish...

Restaurant Information:

Address: No. 26G, Jalan PJS 8/7, Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone: +603 5633 4321