Sunday, August 10, 2008

MY FM 10th Anniversary Concert (Part 1)

I was away on Saturday to shoot (and enjoy!) the MY FM 10th Anniversary Concert at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. Fellow blogger, Andrew Wong has invited me and two other bloggers, KY and Lorna to join in the fun.

It was a grand event with performance by famous celebrities and appearance by MY FM DJs. The theme of the night was "Revolutionize Cosmos" and the presenters were dressed as the game's characters. We all went thanks to CiB Net Station. CiB, a major force specialised in the marketing of online games or entertainment in Malaysia and Singapore, recently published the exciting Crazy Shooter Game (C.S.O) developed by Kingsoft. C.S.O. was launched in July 2008.

I haven't got a clue of how to read Chinese so the characters on the posters above are really alien to me, except for those numbers and alphabets, of course. (Which reminds me that I need to do something about my Mandarin...)

Now, more about the games: The main feature of C.S.O. is "Break the Tradition, Trendy Personality, Fun Experience". Following the concept, players can wear the most fashionable clothing to enter the battlefield. There will be troves of surprises when players cooperate with team members, use a variety of powerful weapons, brand new fighting mode, etc. Players can also use special weapons to change the enemy into humorous appearance of animals. More about the game's features here.

Special thanks to the beautiful people of CiB - Denise and Chris (and Vincent) - for this great opportunity. And of course, many thanks to the multi-talented Andrew for his invitation (I'm also waiting for Andrew to launch his new blogsite). KY and Lorna were so funny I couldn't help but be slightly hyper. It's really a pleasure knowing both of you!

More about the concert coming up in the next post. Keep a lookout for it as I post updates of the concert rehearsal, busy CiB people at work, me-pics, celebrity-pics and of course - THE concert itself!

Have a great weekend, friends!

:: PART 2 ::