Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MY FM 10th Anniversary Concert (FINAL)

Continued from Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (or see ALL)

I have never been to an awesome concert like this one, and am proud to announce it as my FIRST! All thanks to Andrew Wong who obtained media passes that enabled us to go all out on that day. And the passes were from CiB (check out Part 1 here). Once again, nice meeting the super goofy KY and Lorna – just one look at them you’d see what I mean. If you’re having a bad day of any sort, they can provide very good ‘therapy’.
A quick recap before we jump straight into the concert. As you can see, most if not all of the celebrities, VIPs and concert-goers went in colourful, amazing costumes. It was truly a sight to behold – so interesting, and it still amazes me to see how people would dress up for a theme. There was, of course, a grand prize of MYR10,000 (~USD3,030) awaiting the best costume winner. And guess who won?
Tah-daaah! Grand prize winner: The Incredibles
(Photo was taken before the start of the concert)
It was a night full of stars – big and small. There were local celebrities and international ones: Taiwan - Yoga and Claire Guo; China - Jade Liu; Thailand - Oak Smith and James; and Malaysia - Nicholas Teo, Rynn Lin, Will, Andrew Tan, Chan Kwok Fai, and Ng Chea Hwei. They came as Spiderman, Man in Black, X-Man, and various other characters.
LET THE CONCERT BEGIN!Full house! I wish I could label the celebrities names properly but alas, I'm not well-versed with most of the new Asian stars She's really quite cute
Jack Sparrow, Andrew and Hell Boy
Video crew at work
(We had to make way as and when they came rolling by)
Nice costume Fans engrossed...
Oak Smith from Thailand
(He has really good complexion... silky smooth)
Very cute
I like Liu Li Yang the most - powerful vocals Absolutely love that hairstyle and red hot attire
Liu with Yoga (right)
Live recording
(Love the fireworks in the background)
Here comes Nicholas
(Occasionally throughout the shoot, I swapped my 18-200mm lens with abang Andrew so this one's taken with a 18-55mm)
Everywhere you go – the red carpet, the concert hall – you see fans, fans, and MORE fans! Really enthusiastic bunch.

The MY FM DJs really worked the crowd. I had to steady my hands while taking photos because they can really make you laugh. Take a look at what they turn themselves into: Hell Boy, Sailormoon (she-male version), pak fatt moh lui (white-haired she-devil), Dracula, Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow, mermaid, and many more. I really enjoy their banter in Cantonese – too cute and funny! Thank goodness I understood Chinese although I don’t read or write it. Here are some of the many photos taken.
Hell Boy (with his big gun) and friendsThe mermaidDracula
(I have a thing for vampires so don't be surprised if you see lots of this dude's photos)
The white-haired devil woman (pak fatt moh lui)Jack Sparrow in Titanic???
"Who do I love?" lamented Missy White Hair "It is him, my beloved whom I chose..."
Look who's here - it's xiaoMY!!HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY MY FM!The concert's coming to an end so xiaoMY and CiB's mascot saying bye-bye to everybody


That's all, friends! I hope you've enjoyed all the Parts 1 to 4 of the concert coverage. It's been a wonderful experience and definitely thanks to Andrew for the invite. So this is for you, abang Andrew!
  • Many thanks again to CiB and MY FM!
  • Many thanks to KY and Lorna for a healthy dose of laughter. Cheers! (Do click on their names to see their concert report)
  • Many thanks (again) to abang Andrew for the music CDs (I'm addicted to the songs) and ride to the concert and home!