Monday, August 11, 2008

MY FM 10th Anniversary Concert (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Abang Andrew (I like calling him that because he's really like a tai lou or big brother although I'm older, haha!) and I went to the concert together. It's very kind of him to offer to drive to Genting.

Today's entry will feature some of the photos of us mucking around during the rehearsal and ahem! our meals. Food is important and our choice restaurant was OldTown White Coffee because it's the most convenient and yes, we like the cafe.

We started travelling at about 10.30 AM and were famished by the time we reached Genting because we haven't had our breakfast. While waiting for Denise and her friends from CiB to join us, we ordered our meals.

My nasi lemak with hot OldTown White Coffee
(Andrew ordered prawn mee)
After breakfast, we headed back to CiB's 'den' and watch them work like crazy. I was so tempted to help them because I know precisely how hectic this can be based on the multiple events I helped organized at work. But then, these folks're pros so I played with my camera instead... (spotted some green apples too)
One of the dancers being styled. Such hip people. I felt like an aunty but that's all right...
I decided to be brave and took a front shot of this cutesy dude. I wanted to go nearer but then he showed me the scissors so I erm... back off. Just kidding. He's a really nice person.
Now to the rehearsal. The crew was testing the lighting, sound system, etc etc.
I was really enjoying myself. Frankly, this is the first time I had the opportunity to see all of these preparations up-close. The right lane beside the stage was where the media folks including us stood to take our photos. I won't miss the opportunity to take a pic of Andrew taking pics (I'm no stalker; it's just an old habit of mine...)
A star rehearsing. Love her hairstyle. Love her tomboy looks.
Red is hot!
(It's actually quite hot in there, really, with all the lighting and stuff)
Another star rehearsing with Hell Boy MC...
Can you spot Denise who's wearing the Cosplay costume?
(Clue: She's standing on the stairs, getting into character)
Enthusiastic crowd
All dressed for play
The red carpet
(Me so happy to walk the red carpet - before the real thing, that is. LOL)
The stylish dancers with attitude
(I wish I could dance...)
Look at the fans queued up all the way outside
Again, I took a pic of Andrew taking pics. He made it looked so easy. (I started to feel like a stalker)
Time for dinner before the celebrity red carpet thingy at 7.00 PM! I ordered the nasi rendang ayam plus iced coffee. Unfortunately, the oil from the curry soaked up my rice and I ended not finishing it...But seeing these two here tucking into their meals made up for it. Come, come, I introduce you to Andrew's friends, KY and Lorna. Very happy to meet both of you! KY smiles when he eats. *GRIN*
Look at us! We have passes! And that means we can go anywhere we want. Very nice...
This is my favourite photo. So cute! (Tak boleh tahan...)
That's all for today! Coming up next is the red carpet and more!...

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