Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Meet the ladies (Look Out Point, Part 3)

This is the continuation of our Look Out Point Adventure and this time I get to feature the three lovely ladies who went together. Thank you, Irene, Eunis and PS for allowing me to post them!

Up at the Menara Tinjau
(I ran down the stairs to catch their photo and realised I'm not very fit - need to seriously whip myself into shape...)
"Peace to you!"
(We are really peace-loving people, yes we are)
And up we go again at the Menara Tinjau to take one more shot in the dark (Can you see the city lights at the background?)
This time I also joined in
(Well, I thought of Photoshop-ing my butt but then again, I am bestowed by Nature with a large one, so why bother, right? *GRIN*)

I hope you've enjoyed all the posing we did for you. LOL.


On a separate note, we have a little 'executive board' where each person holds very important positions. The big C's are...

  • Chief Entertainment Officer (CEO): Irene
  • Chief Food Officer (CFO): LingLing
  • Chief Photography Officer (CPO): Yours Truly
  • Chief Sober Officer (CSO): Eunis
  • Chief Hospitality Officer (CHO): Joanne
  • Chief Laughing Officer (CLO): SY
  • Chief Thinking Officer (CTO): PS
We're looking to fill up the post of Chief Operating Officer (COO) - any takers?...