Sunday, August 03, 2008

Look Out Point (Part 2)

Here's the second part of our Look Out Point mini adventure. We convened at Irene's place and PS drove us there. It was a one-hour journey and one that was filled with chit-chat all the way there (and all the way back). Can't believe we had so much to talk about (!!) but that's all great. *GRIN*

Hazy, hazy day...
Ooo, that's me! Irene called me to look at her camera and I did
I met my 'uncle' there too - he's quite a poser And I saw a white 'tiger' prowling... meoooow~~
After the first round of enjoying the view, we went to Look Out Point Western Food restaurant. The place was still empty because we were early. All those seats near the edge were reserved by others so it was a bummer we can't sit there...
Here's what it looks like from outside - as you can see, it's fast filling up with people (downstairs is Gasoline, another restaurant)
My B.B.Q. chicken chop
Giant mugs of juices
PS's lamb chopIrene and my drinks
Irene's Singapore beehoon (vermicelli)
Eunis' sandwiches
The sun's setting
So I abandoned my cappucino (for a while) and headed down (where Gasoline is) to meet with Benjamin and his friends to catch the sun.
The boys
and they're busy playing with their toys
Benjamin aimed at me so of course, I aimed back at him!
There's another restaurant and patrons were enjoying the view from there too.
I like this brightly-lighted Gasoline signage. It really stood out in the dark. (She does look a little like me when I'm angry... minus the crown, that is - and the horns)
The KL night view - still beautiful despite the haze
(I had a little trouble setting up the tripod but thank goodness the pic still turned out OK. There were other people on the Menara Tinjau so it's still not vibration-free despite the use of a tripod)
After Look Out Point, we decided to go for a second round of makan-makan at the mamak but detoured to nearby OldTown White Coffee Irene, Eunis and PS were camera-shy (or very busy 'studying' the menu)
We all had the same drink - honey lemon teaCoffee lava ice cream Irene's polo bao
More about Look Out Point here.

I am trying to persuade the ladies to let me post one or two of their photos taken there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!