Monday, August 04, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils

VEILS OF OBLIVION. Having barely survived a hair-raising archaeological dig in Tikal, Guatemala, Indiana Jones has returned to New York just in time to get caught up in a controversy. The mysterious writings of Colonel Percy Fawcett, a missing British explorer, have turned up, and what they describe could revolutionize history—and make or break several scientific reputations. For Percy paints a tantalizing picture of a lost city in the Brazilian jungle, and a mythical redheaded race who may be the descendants of ancient Celtic Druids.

No one loves mystery or adventure more than Indiana Jones. So with his trusty bullwhip in hand and the lovely Deirdre Campbell firmly in tow, he sets out for the wilds of the Amazon. But Indy has more enemies than he knows, including a bunch of hard-nosed thugs and a cannibalistic Indian tribe that is out to make him instant history. And if he survives what they throw in his path, there’s still the fabled city itself . . . where the inhabitants practice the magic of the “seven veils” and no one leaves alive!
- Synopsis found in the back cover

First sentence: I'm anxious to get moving.

This time, Indy heads off to the veiled city of Amazon in search of the missing Colonel Fawcett, a famous British explorer who are also a good friend of Marcus Brody. Brody is a museum director and an old friend of Indy. In this story, the romance between Indy and Deirdre (from the previous instalment in Dance of the Giants) continues. Together, both of them make their way to a deadly adventure and en route, they got married. Hot on their trail are two baddies, Oron and Carino, who are hired by another fellow. And guess what, all these leads back to Dr. Bernard, the head of Indy's archaelogy expedition who is adamant in making sure that Indy never makes the trip. His reputation is at stake if they do find Fawcett. As we all know, Indy never quite fails his mission when he sets his mind to it (although he has a knack for attracting trouble) and Bernard is right to be worried. Rae-la and Amergin, two of the people who originates from the veiled city and who have mastered the higher arts of veiling, are helping Indy to bring Fawcett back to safety. They are the ones who helped deliver the torn pages of the explorer's journal back to Brody who eventually gives it to Indy.

Some readers from reviews thought that the idea about veils or the inclusion of Merlin was weird, but hey, this is Indiana Jones and he deals with the ancient, the mystical and to many, the non-existents. I think this is a good read and it's not confusing at all. Genesis Deluge, in my humble opinion, is the best of the whole lot by Rob MacGregor.

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