Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joanne!

It's Joanne's birthday today and look what we've got for her...

A really yummy fruity green tea cake!
(Irene was proud to inform that she picked it... we hereby appoint her as the 'official cake buyer')
And look what we've got for her as pressie: A jar of "Live Positively" Quotes, good for daily consumption!
May God bless you abundantly, Joanne and bless all the works of your hands!


I've been experiencing headache since yesterday late afternoon up until now. Suddenly I remembered Irene gave me a pack of KOOLFEVER (thanks, Irene!) and I decided to use it. The packaging says that the product is good for sleeplessness, toothache, simply to refresh, or for warm skin. The cooling sheets supposedly absorb and disperse heat so it's definitely for fever as well.

The blue gel sheet sticks nicely on my forehead and feels refreshingly cool too. I will not hesitate to stock it up.